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Biokeen Development Alternatives


Strive towards providing a dignified future with a specific objective of strengthening, coordinating, and facilitating integrated developmnt and progress at the grass root level and to emerge as a think tank, as well as as a consultative body at a national and international level.



To provide tools to our benficiaries, to make their own change, which would create a ripple effect of economic activity across communities to reduce poverty and generate opportunity in the developing world, as we at Biokeen Development Alternatives (BkDA) strongly believe in the innate power and drive off individuals to shape their own destinies and the destiny of their communities enables us. We at BkDA work togethr with partners, beneficiaries, govt /semi-govt /corporations /NGO's /SHG's /autonomous bodies /individuals /societies /trusts /cooperatives /entrepreneurs /supporters /volunteers /sponsorers and staff to create an impact greater than we are each capable of alone.

Evolvement of Biokeen Fisheries. See the milestones achieved. Show me more videos !

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