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Privacy Policy

We here at Biokeen respect personal information and take utmost care for its security. This is our privacy policy which we have adopted in concern with the information you share with us when you deal with some specific pages or specific sections or while filling some forms in our website

What informations does Biokeen collect ?

Biokeen collects informations such as full name, contact no, email address, postal address, gender, date of birth and some information regarding educational background, prior work experience and work details.

How Biokeen uses your personal informations ?

Biokeen uses your personal information to authenticate you if you have subscribed for any notifications or newsletters. Biokeen also seeks your personal information before you can raise any questions in Forum or reply to any post in our Forum and/or Blog. It is used to testify the user against spammers and to increase the security and credibility of Biokeen's website, Forum and Blog.

What about personal information security ?

Biokeen is fully concerned with the information you share. Privacy is the main issue in Biokeen's security system. Your personal data's are fully safe and secure with us. They are only used if you have subscribed for newslettters and notifications. We do not send spams or any other mails which do not have any relation with you. In case if you have received any such mails from Biokeen which are not at all concerned with you or you have not subscribed for it, please let us know immediately.

What about sharing of personal informations we provide ?

Biokeen does not share your personal information with any third-party or other websites. Your information is stored securely in our database and is used to send you any updates or notifications in case you have subscribed for it. In case Biokeen feels like sharing your personal information with any other websites/individuals/corporate firms then Biokeen will seek permission from you.

Is it mandatory to provide personal information ?

No it is not mandatory at all to provide your personal and sensitive information whenever and wherever you feel so. It is all upto the user to provide his/her information(s) but then you can't subscribe for updates or notifications or participate in Biokeen's Forum or Blog.

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