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The centre, covering an area of 22.20 acres, and being developed at :

Mouza – Dhanakera Egarpana, near Village Nadakhanda,
P.O. – Abhayamukhi Ramchandrapur,
Block – Delanga,
Tehsil – Satyabadi,
District – Puri,
is 50 km from Bhubaneswar, and almost 20 km before Puri.

The project envisages to propagate sustainable Fisheries in a scientifically integrated manner along with other agri-allied crops, viz., Livestock, Poultry, etc., in areas which are termed water logged derelict areas, or fallow. It is designed keeping in mind - "Closed Water Recycling Technology".

Realising the marketing potentiality of other aquatic unconventional but indigenous species, the project as a model would be developing the cultivation of other indigenous species along with the conventional aquatic species. The project further envisages having at least 35 local farmers backwardly linked to it for propagation of the technology.

The project is sponsored by SFAC (Small Farmers Agri-Business Consortium), an unit of Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi, India., in the shape of Venture Capital Assistance.

Evolvement of Biokeen Fisheries. See the milestones achieved. Show me more videos !

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